Corporate, Financial Services and Securities Law Advisory

We advise our clients on a broad range of company law, financial services and securities law matters.  Our clients include, investment banks, stock broking firms, financial services firms, corporate secretarial firms, professional bodies, privately owned companies, overseas companies and overseas law firms.

Our advice has covered areas including:

– offering restrictions on securities and securities legends

– stock exchange and securities market regulation

– requirements for approval by the Securities Commission of Malaysia or the stock exchange

– requirements for prospectuses and information memoranda

– requirements and compliance in public takeovers

– regulatory compliance including, corporate governance and compliance with stock exchange listing


–  requirements for approval by Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) or the Minister of

Finance of Malaysia in connection with acquisitions of financial services firms

– foreign exchange administration rules

– changes introduced by the Companies Act 2016 and transitional provisions

– directors’ duties

– company constitutions

– share capital and capital maintenance

– share rights, conversions and redemption and transfer of shares and securities

– dividends

– shareholder and class meetings


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